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The First Fully Operational Community Staking Validator on

Secure and Validate

Members of the Republic with contribute to overall staked value and will be playing a vital role in the security of the MultiversX Blockchain.

MultiversX Blockchain

A strong foundation built on MultiverX utilizing adaptive sharding that makes it one of the most advanced Layer 1 chains.

Members Benefits

While Earning regular staking rewards you will also receive provider commissions which greatly improves your APR compared to the overall network APR. 

Securing the MVX Network with an exciting 2 token model

In the Vapor Republic there is an SFT and an NFT. The SFT represents your 1:1 EGLD stake in the community validator, and is always backed by a semi-liquid proof of reserve.  The NFT is both a collectible and is linked directly to the DeFi treasury. 


Besides representing your stake, the SFT also acts as your membership to the increased APR% you can earn via the commissions and fees generated by the Vapor Republic staking provider.  Simply hold your SFTs in your wallet to receive airdropped rewards.

In addition to being a one-of-a-kind vaporwave art collectible, your NFTs represent your share in the bonus DeFi treasury incentive model.  Also if you dare to collect all 16 Gods and Goddesses of the Pantheon, you get increased benefits like adding to your SFT position at no cost!


SFT Model
Breakdown and Membership

The SFT represents a 1:1 EGLD share of the staked EGLD in the Vapor Republic staking provider. 

The SFT also provdes a  1:1 vote in all governance activities involving the staking provider and your share of the daily commission earned.  

This EGLD will always belong to the owner of the SFT at the 1:1 rate with a redemption portal in development.  

NFT Collection and Defi Treasury

The NFT collection is a hard capped supply of 6000 collectible tokens made up of 16 Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Greek pantheon.  By holding an NFT it allows you an equal share of the rewards and boosts your APR via Vapor Republics utilizing a near 600 Egld (and growing) treasury fund which is spread across various DeFi investment tools and platforms across MultiversX.  Even further diversifying and strengthening the network and ecosystem.  Simply hold your NFTs in wallet to reap the rewards.

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Community First approach

Liminal 21#10.png


Share in the Revolution

Liminal 10#35.png


Sustainable APR's


Two MultiversX Powerhouses combining forces for the Republic

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